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Social Media Presence, The Digital Era Army Base

I have always been intrigued by comparing and contrasting complex topics; dissecting them to its pure, most logical form. We as designers host a unique talent; as visionaries we can graphically translate complex topics so the audience can digest it once and for all.

This time I have taken the forever evolving topic, the Power of Social Media, its purpose and functionality. When I personally think of what Social Media is, I think of having multiple army base camps that are setup at different locations all around the world. It might sound weird, but if you think about it logically you will realize it why. This is my personal understanding, and if my concept of thinking comes across you, I guarantee you it will be of tremendous benefit, whether you are a company or an individual.

Our social media presence is the digital era army base; the content we constantly publish from these profiles are the soldiers we send into battle daily. This is our frontline, the information we share constantly, the material we post on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, etc.

Ognen Trpeski

These army bases that I am talking of, are operating from all around the world. They work extremely hard on a daily basis; by training their soldiers, infantry and developing the most sophisticated weaponry to use in battle. Every single day, they send out soldiers to go and fight in battle; the cross reference is extremely similar to us constantly sharing information, creating ads, developing marketing platforms, posting very hard, every single day to make our presence felt in this crazy confusing and overwhelming internet world (or the never ending battlefield).

Every company has the same mission in mind, and every single one of them has their own soldiers and military bases. These soldiers fight for us every single day, for our presence, for our recognition, pride and popularity. The better we train and equip them, the longer they last, they conquer the enemy and gain more land.

These bases constantly work on developing new technologies, implement advanced strategies and formations to expand their presence over the enemy; to finally put them in the shadow. These are our sophisticated marketing platforms that companies spend millions of dollars on. There is a ton of research analysis that goes into this, target audience, gender, competitors, positioning, language, visual presence and much much more.

This is a forever living animal that constantly needs to adopt for what the new day brings. It’s a battle without an ending, as new armies are being formed there will always be battles to be fought.

New technologies are constantly being established, even as we speak; it is safe to say that there will never be a winner and every empire will have its rise and fall.

Our only mission is to keep on fighting, to keep on posting for a better tomorrow, as some day we will be winners and some days not. Nothing will last forever, but as long as we participate in this daily social media war we have done our part.

Ognen Trpeski

I hope my comparing and contrasting has brought a significant value to understand this complex and never ending topic that will forever occupy our modern lives.

There will always be another fight to be fought..