Auto Armour

Is there anyone that owns a car that does’t deserve an extra layer of shine and protection? That is exactly what Auto Armour offers. Their meticulous level of craftsmanship and handwork precision will bring your vehicle back to a showroom level of appearance. They believe that every car deserves to look like it’s fresh off the lot.


We received an amazing opportunity to completely rebrand their outdated identity and at the same time infuse a modern automotive vibe into their corporate DNA. They specifically needed a fresh mark that would be able to hold ground with many large automotive brands, racing firms and custom part/material production facilities. Before jumping to the drawing board we had to learn the industry and do a ton of research. Without further explanation we are showcasing Auto Armour and how we addressed their branding needs.


Client Website: http://www.autoarmour.com


November 10, 2019
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Auto Armour