Pacific Star Labs

As the world is legalizing and realizing the actual benefits of marijuana, the Cannabis industry is growing stronger as we speak. Our first and official client that has provided us with an opportunity to showcase our creative talents in this specific sector has been born.


Located in sunny California, there lies Pacific Star Labs. We were solely responsible for establishing the look and feel of their brand. The challenge here was to create a non-traditional brand that would simultaneously capture the West Coast, sunny, ocean vibe. The goal was successfully achieved and that is portrayed in their brand mark.


As a creative agency, we aimed for simplicity, modernism and elegance; Most important was to tell a story that has a substantial meaning and closely aligns with the DNA of PSL.


Pacific Star Labs is a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically to meet the rigorous testing requirements for cannabis in California.


Client Website: https://pacificstarlabs.com


June 5, 2020
branding, logo design, corporate, digital design, cannabis industry, marijuana design, nature products, go green, alternative medicine
Pacific Star Labs