Trpeski Design Autumn Client Showcase

Trpeski Design Autumn Client Showcase

Our Quarterly Newsletter Has Finally Arrived

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Dear Friends,
It is that time of the year where we would like to check in with you. Hoping that everyone is doing well, hanging in there and pushing through. Just when we thought we got a hold of this pandemic, it seems have gotten stronger and returned.
Unfortunately, the world is not going to be the same anymore, but that’s not always a bad thing. In most cases, every crisis brings new opportunities, solutions, and innovations. Now, we are challenged more than ever to reinvent our new normal and here at Trpeski Design, we are helping businesses, one at a time, reinvent themselves into something new, better and, stronger. Our mission has not changed at all; we are still building beautiful brands that have a global impact and at the same time making our world a better place for everyone.
As usual, we would like to provide a few updates on what we have been doing the last few months. Yes, just like everyone else, we are hanging in there. Slowly but surely we have been able to manage these uncertain times.
In the meantime, we’ve collaborated with some amazing clients this season and worked on some exciting brand opportunities—helping us expand our clientele list. We have been more involved in web development and experience design lately, with our services covering the full spectrum of design, social media, marketing, and development.
It is because of people like you we were in a position to create some enduring relationships and in the process, create some groundbreaking brands that will stand the test of time.
For that we say thank you. Today, tomorrow, and forever. In this newsletter, we’ve decided to showcase a few of the brands we have recently developed. 
Thank you once again for being a loyal member of our journey.
Together we hope to continue our mission; to build beautiful brands, one brand at a time.
Stay Safe, Healthy, and Happy!

Name: Aigritec
Origin: Italy
Industry: Agriculture & Technology
 Name: Lyfejoy
 Origin: Brooklyn, NYC
 Industry: Health & Wellness
 Name: Carbaja
 Origin: USA
 Industry: Automotive
Central Steel Group
Name: Central Steel Group
Origin: USA
Industry: Metal
Pacific Star Labs
Name: Pacific Star Labs
Origin: California, USA
Industry: Cannabis
Quadica Leds
Name: Quadica Leds
Origin: Canada
Industry: Lighting & Technology
Name: Wolfe Property Holdings
Origin: Washington, USA
Industry: Real Estate
Edmond Collins
Name: Edmond Collins
Origin: Wisconsin, USA
Industry: Recruitment
Web Development Award
Trpeski Design Web Award 2020


Outstanding Website


We are super excited to announce that we have been selected by WEB AWARDS 2020 for an Outstanding Achievement in Web Development for our corporate site.

This is our first official agency award that we are super proud of. We would like to thank everyone all over the world that voted for us and all the judges that were involved in the selection process.