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Who Got Branded


Here is who got branded in the last few months:

Our Recent Clients


Dear Subscribers,

We would like to provide a few updates on what we have been doing the last few months. Slowly but surely, we have been able to manage the COVID-19 pandemic that has put the entire globe on a freeze. Our lives have changed entirely, the workforce is facing the largest adaptation since our existence. We promise that we will get through this as we are accustomed to face adversity and change. It is in our DNA to progress and adapt. 

In the past few months, we have been lucky to work with some amazing clients around the globe. It is because of people like you we were in a position to create some long-standing relationships and on the road there, create some groundbreaking brands that will stand proud for years to come. We have pride in our work, and we would like to showcase it to the world. 

For that we say thank you. Today, tomorrow and forever. We have made a small selection to briefly feature a few of our notable marks we have developed. Some of our work has been influenced by the pandemic and our medical clientele is growing substantially. 

These are some of the brands we have chosen to provide an update on.

Thank you once again for being a loyal member of our journey. 

Together we hope to continue our mission; to build beautiful brands, one at a time.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Happy!


logo, Kozmovalogo, Burn Unit
Name: Kozmova
Origin: Germany
Industry: Apparel
Name: Burn Unit
Origin: California
Industry: Consulting 
logo, Halet Beverslogo, The Kedish Group
Name: Haley Bevers
Origin: Texas, USA
Industry: Yoga
Name: The Kedish Group
Origin: Kansas, USA
Industry: Real Estate
logo, BioX Healthlogo, BioX Health
Name: BioX Health
Origin: Phoenix, AZ
Industry: Healthcare
Name: UVC Cleaning Systems Inc
Origin: Michigan, USA
Industry: Cleaning Services
logo, Teb Fink Buildinglogo, Edmond Collins
Name: Teb Fink
Origin: New York, USA
Industry: Architecture
 Name: Edmond Collins
 Origin: Illinois, USA
 Industry: Staffing
logo, Flare Nutritionlogo, Bad Boy Botanicals
Name: Flare Nutrition
Origin: New York, USA
Industry: Nutrition
Name: Bad Boy Botanicals
Origin: California, USA
Industry: Pet Care


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