Wondering Who, Why and What Mapkey is? If you can’t tell by now, their business is run by a woman. It is all about empowering the female world in a sector where most things are run by men. Jennifer Kirk stands behind the show, she is their fiercely inspired leader. We had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with her, and develop a brand that is groundbreaking in all avenues. Her story was extremely inspiring to us, we took her vision and started creating right away. That is how Mapkey was born. Their identity is extremely recognizable, and their website is one of the most unique sites in the world. You can spot Mapkey all the way from the moon.


For over 15 years they have been working with companies growing through M&A and partnering with them on delivering post-merger integrations that achieve levels of productivity, engagement, and lasting change that they didn’t know were possible. They understand that growth and change are a journey. Mapkey puts people first – so that everyone feels valued, heard, and integral to the process. With people as their priority, they mitigate fear and frustration, create collaboration, and optimize the talents of everyone involved. We proudly present you the world of Mapkey.


Client Website: http://www.mapkey.com


April 25, 2019
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